Unique Top First Birthday Gift Ideas for 2019

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Turning 1 is kind of a big deal these days! As soon as your little boy or girl gets close to their first birthday, they belong in the toddler zone. Once they pass this 12 month mark, they start to move, perceive emotions, communicate so much better and explore. They start to become aware as well as curious about what is going around them more than ever before as almost 1 year olds!

There are so many unique gift ideas out there! Instead of finding stuffed animals or more clothes, you should try to find something and also recommend gift ideas to friends and family that can increase their curiosity and skills. At this age, your 1 year old will be able to grasp more than the adults can at such a high rate. Your motive should be to aid in increasing their interests and develop their skills.

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Regardless if the gift is for your own baby or for someone else’s, picking out the best gift requires some thoughtfulness and research. For the first birthday gift to stand out from others, they should not only be surprising but sometimes also personalized. A cool design or some custom-made toy could really make your kid happy and show them how special they are.

Birthday presents can be for different purposes: for mental as well as physical development, for the babies to look good, for calming them, for usefulness, or a token of memory. There are many different unique first birthday gift ideas, let’s take a peek at our list.

A cozy chair

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The chairs are comfortable for a 1-year old as they are very soft. A 1-year old should have proper support on their back so that they have the right posture. These chairs take care of the spine of the child while he or she is either listening to your stories or playing with you. These chairs are made of polyester blend and thus are very safe for the baby. In addition, it is very easy to clean, you do not need to make too many efforts and they can enjoy using it stress-free. Plus, you can get the name of the baby printed on the chair to make it more special than it already will be for them, truly making it a custom, unique and personalized gift for a 1st b-day present.

Personalized Name Wooden Puzzle

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What’s a more unique first birthday gift idea for any little boy or girl than a custom first name letter puzzle? This will get the little one used to seeing their name, will allow them to manipulate the letters in their name, and also give them the practice of small motor skills and solving puzzles. When they are done using it, hanging it on their bedroom wall would be such cute memorable decor! Vibrant colors, made for little hands, and letter recognition skills all in one b-day gift!

Safer Than a Coat – Car Seat Poncho

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Nothing shows that you care as much as the gift of safety! Bulky coats are not safe in the car seat to be buckles over, so the gift of a safer way to travel with the car seat poncho is perfect. Available in patterns such as dinosaur, flowers, mermaids, unicorns, plaids, or arrows, the double-layered fleece is sure to keep any 1 year old warm and safe in their car seat. Imagine how fast mom or dad will be able to get their 1 year old out the door with this unique gift!

The First 12 Months Frame

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This would be the most special gift that you could give someone – the journey of the first year of their ‘life’. This frame would have the pictures from the moment your little one year old boy or girl was born until their first birthday when he or she turns 1. In one frame, you would be able to capture the changes that a baby goes through every month since birth. This gift will always be precious for the baby, even when he or she grows old as it hangs in their bedroom. Memories are forever.

1 Year Old First Birthday Outfit

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How much would mom and dad of the 12 month old love this? A cute unique little outfits that the baby, now walker, can wear during their whole 1 year old time. Soft, adorable, and made to wear with or without pants, this onesie set will be awwwwwed by everyone as a special present.

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ABC Book

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At this stage, the brain of a child is sharper than any adult. Your almost 1 year old perceives and observes everything around them. So, there could not be anything better for them to start their learning journey than the English alphabet. This gift is the perfect example for gifting your child an interactive as well as an educational gift. Don’t stop there, there are so many amazing books for little ones, including story books, thick cardboard books for little hands and also safe cloth books. Reading to your child daily and having books around them consistently is proven to enhance and jump start their reading skills!

My Lil’ Cottage Personalized Kids Play Tent

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This one is for the sake of imagination and creativity. The tent brings countless hours of playing – which means interactions as well as imaginations. It gives you the feeling as if you are in a cottage – with a front door, and some windows as well. This one’s not only for the baby but can accommodate 3 kids and your almost 1 year old tot. It is extremely easy to set-up, can be installed either outside or inside, and it has a handy bag for storage. Move it around as needed and fill it with books for a cozy toddler reading area.

Magbot Magnetic Block Set

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If you want to let your child’s imaginations set on fire, then this is the set to do that. All the blocks, printed with nuts and bolts, together build up a robot. These things are exciting from a kid’s point of view and will definitely get their minds going! The pieces are made up of sustainably harvested wood. These blocks will definitely keep children of many ages engaged as they work to make a robot out of it.

Melissa and Doug Caterpillar Xylophone

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The little ones are as attracted to music as they are to newly found objects and empty boxes. You can let them wonder where the sound is coming from while they are banging the Xylophone with the sticks. Your almost 1 year old boy or girl will be filled with laughter while making music on the Xylophone and creating his or her own tunes. It is colorful, eye catching, and babies love them!

ONE Word Crown

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New toddlers love using their imagination and manipulating all kinds of things with their hands, enhancing their fine motor skills. This kid friendly and safe stretch crown will allow them to put it on and take it off as they like! The “one” letters to form the word one will make for adorable photos all year round, too!

Touch Think Learnboard Book Series By Xavier Deneux

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This is a collection of four books with a lot of bright figures as well as illustrations. Plus, the best part is the texture of the book. Toddlers and babies will love the texture as it is really smooth and fun for them to touch as well as feel. This one will help them understand the story somewhat through the pictures and graphics. That’s the best part about these books – they do not have much writing in them. They let the pictures speak and your tots imagination do all of the creative thinking.

Garden Plate and Utensils

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Shouldn’t meal time be fun too? This is an imaginative plate resembling the garden with the forks, spoons looking like the shovel, and would make the most unique first birthday gift idea. This is the best way to make the kids eat if they are being too picky or if you want them to start strong with good healthy eating habits. This is a good way to help them use their imagination while blending work as well as play together to turn into fun.

Play and Go Storage Mat – Road Map

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Apart from the fact that is a fun gift for little kids, this one is the best if you do not want any mess around your house for your 12 month old. The road map is printed on the cloth and is bound to keep your kid glued it for endless hours. It brings in both imaginative and interactive fun for the kids – while he or she explores the newly found mobility. You can take it anywhere you want, and set up in a safe place for your one year old. Among all the others, this one is quite a hit.

We hope you enjoyed our unique first birthday gift ideas! Picking a special gift for a first birthday might be difficult, but hopefully, now you are more clear bout what to select out of the different options available out there.

Barbara Kent