Top 10 Cutest First Birthday Outfit For Boy

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You have an almost 1 year old! It’s time to figure out how your first birthday boy will celebrate his big day! Every parent desires their infant’s first birthday to be one of the most unique, remarkable and memorable days of their little life. So for that unique little man’s day, how can you dress a baby boy for their 1st birthday? What trends are in during the seasons? This article will give you a few exquisite first birthday outfit for boy ideas.

First Birthday Outfit Boy

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Which First Birthday Outfit to Pick for Your Little Baby?

Here are a few recommendations to choose the best outfit out there:

  • Choose a topic and theme to plan an outfit around.
  • If you are planning a photo shoot on your almost toddler; continually speak to your photographer and plan.
  • Suspenders, bow ties and huge numerals are beautiful first birthday outfit accessories.
  • Classy, mustache, wild one, max, monsters, lumberjack buffalo plaid, dinosaur, prince, I am one, and super hero are all adorable first birthday party themes.
  • Add in little boots or shoes for an adorable appearance.
  • Party hats, crowns and head add-ons are suitable alternatives.

First Birthday Outfit Boy

Cutest First Birthday Outfit For Boy: Handpicked for 2019

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1. Lumberjack and buffalo plaid patterns are all the rave right now, I mean what little 12 month old doesn’t look insanely adorable in manly forest plaids? Plus, cute additions like little numbers on the butt for cake smash pics, come on! Checked t-shirts are a great idea for a first birthday outfit. They are a remarkable way to make your little munchkin stylish in addition to casual at the same time. These can be matched with casual denim or maybe smart black pants. Even better if you can find a onesie just like the one seen here underneath. It will be at easy for the toddler to run around in. This has a tie-appearance to it and a brilliant aggregate of solid shade and checked pattern which makes it apt for the special day and poppy in photos.

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2. Classy themes are oh so popular right now and trending for 2019. Can you say leather applique bow tie – yes please! Letters o n e “one” are popular, too. Gray cottons versus always doing white onesies create a different look. If you are planning to go out for a meal or have a party on your little guy’s special day, why not select a stylish t-shirt and printed bowtie? These are top notch for little boys as there may be no worries about them wearing an actual tie and yet they have a smart and formal look to them. Some of these clothing can include leg warmers just like the ones above which looks cute and will undoubtedly get your little bundle of joy noticed.

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3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, need we say more? Eric Carle, you’d be proud, we know we love your book. This theme proves to be a very colorful one which makes it easy to find cute accessories combined in a variety of color schemes. Nothing appears to be more adorable than tiny legs with stripes. Choose a bright colored combo for stripes and put it into effect with the help of leg warmers. You can fit it with a funky t-shirt with bright colors and prints just like the one above. Leg warmers are an awesome choice for winters as those help in keeping your small soldier warm.

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4. Although patriotic, this color pattern goes with any theme, including sporty. We all are aware that suspenders appear cute and perfect for each man then why not make your 1-12 baby put on suspenders on their first birthday. You can pair up a onesie with the look of suspenders with striped leg warmers like the one above from Amazon. You can also experiment with the colors of the suspenders. It’s additionally a terrific concept to make both the dad and the little birthday guy put on matching or at least similar clothing with a look of suspenders and even bow ties.

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5. Our favorite first birthday boy crown, spelling the word one “o n e” is a hit on Amazon! Read the reviews yourself. For a classy cake smash photo shoot for your boys 1st birthday, he does not need to wear a full suit; he can wear pretty much anything that would match this crown. The colors of gray and white go with any first birthday theme and keep things neutral and classy, timeless too. This would make up for a memorable first birthday photo shoot but would also be amazing for their actual big day to wear proudly.

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6. The most popular, classic grays and shades of black. Simple and perfect to fit any theme. Kids look exquisitely adorable when they get to put on formal clothes. For your boy’s first birthday, you can dress them with a white colored onesie with printed bowtie and gray colored leg warmers just like the one above. This will look formal and can be an outstanding look for his 1st birthday. For shoes you can opt for Oxford or otherwise only matching socks may also do the trick. However, barefoot photos are the cutest, too! For the party, throw on some jeans over the shirt and save the leg warmers.

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7. Maybe a monster theme? First 12 months is the best age until when your toddler can wear rompers and onesies without appearing too big for them. Make certain to dress your little love in as long as it is possible for them. Rompers or onesies can also be worn on their first birthday if the theme decided by you for the birthday celebration is to look informal and funky. Colorful onesie just like the one shown below can do the trick for you.

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8. What is a party without a wonderful, colorful birthday hat? With a plethora of alternatives to pick from, here is one which will meet your eyes at first sight. Instead of choosing one hat that makes your toddler uncomfortable, discover one that is attractive and unique but easy to put on. This customized first birthday party hat has been adorned and decorated with colored pompoms and has been made out of cloth to preserve the kid comfort, plus who doesn’t love polka dots?

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9. Here is another casual and cool birthday outfit to keep your baby feeling at ease yet charming. Designers love the use of suspenders and bowtie to go along with the color of the outfit. If you have deliberated a jungle book themed birthday celebration, however, don’t have any clue on the way to dress up your toddler, this seems like a terrific idea. Put together an easy t-shirt or onesie with bloomers and add accessories like ties, bowties, and a look of suspenders to make the outfit look formal.

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10. If you are on the primary stage of making plans for your baby’s birthday celebration, one factor that you should consider and focus on is the photo booth. The current birthday party fashion goes overboard with the picture booth to make sure you get some lovely pictures to record the reminiscences. It is your princes day, and he should look like one. A crown can do wonders on the subject of a photo booth. You can also plan a separate photo shoot to mark your baby’s first birthday and to make more memories of this milestone.

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