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We will keep this intro short, we all know the information overload we are facing in the world right now; it is overwhelming. Last night here in Michigan, Governor Whitmer announced the closure of all K-12 schools. We are still processing this information but knowing that it is for the best for many reasons. Paired with our scheduled Spring Break, all this news means my 5 and 6 year olds are home for the next month. The word Homeschool is reverberating stronger and stronger in our minds!

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Learning Fun Educational Blankets for Teaching Kids

Learning Educational Activity Kid Blankets

Learning Blankets: Creating Fun Educational Moments Learning is supposed to be fun, right? As teachers and parents, we are always seeking new ways to engage our children and students on their educational journey. Co-owner¬†Joanna Serra, a former state level award educator,¬†worked with her team to create Learning Blankets, a new brand under the umbrella of … Read more