10 Safety Products for Toddlers That Make Sense

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TOP 10 Safety Products for Toddlers

Having a new baby in your life and in your home is a life-changing and challenging event. You still don’t sleep well at night, even if your baby sleeps, because you continue to check on him or her every hour just to assure yourself that the baby is safe, comfortable and calm. Once you are convinced everything is ok, then you tiptoe out of the room quietly so that you don’t wake them. And then you do it all over again. Every parent does that. Your parents did that and your children will do that when they become parents.  Parents will always worry about their children’s safety and comfort, no matter what age or what time of day it is.

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Now, your little one is growing, reaching milestones, and trying new things. They want to crawl, pull up, and touch and grab everything within reach. This is first done in the house, so naturally we as parents child-proof the home to make sure that there is nothing below a certain height that could pose a threat or danger to your little one. Despite that, your toddler will find something he will bump into. Right as you think you have one stage of their life covered, the next one comes along and rolls right through your well thought out plan.  

Bottom line is that you have to be ready for whatever life throws at you. Changes will occur and they demand flexibility and patience. You are super cautious and want to make sure that everything you do, buy or hand to your toddler is useful, BUT more importantly, that it is safe. This is why we compiled this list of safety items that are indispensable to parents of young children. So grab a drink, take a seat, and peruse at will. We hope that you find these useful and informational; knowledge is a powerful tool.  Here are 10 of the most helpful, safe and effective products which just make sense.

Car Seat Poncho

Car seat ponchos are the BEST way to ensure that you don’t put too much bulkiness between your child and the car seat harness. This poncho goes right over your child’s head and covers his or her body over the harness, thus not affecting the belts at all. Puffy coats and car seat harnesses are not usually a good combination as they allow for too much room between the child and the belts, leaving unwanted space that could cause serious injury to a small child. These particular ponchos are pretty cool. There are several super cute designs to pick from, most are reversible, they are double layered with thick fleece, they last several seasons and can be used for kids from 6 months to 5 or 6 years old. Car seat ponchos are great for car seats, strollers or just for walking around. They are long enough in the front to provide coverage and warmth during cold months as they can be tucked in around the child. They also allow the child to keep their arms out so that they are not constrained. Check them out! Designs and patterns include dinosaur spikes, mermaids, flowers, unicorns, arrows and more.

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Kids are learning independence as they pull these ponchos on themselves and are saving you time getting out the door. It’s easy to use and kids even wear them as blankets while playing or watching tv!

Toddler Harness

Toddlers are notorious for running around… anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes it is scary, sometimes it is funny, but most of the time it is exhausting. So, if your little one is a running champ, a safe solution is a harness. Your toddler can still be active and can still jump and squat, but now he or she will be within arms reach. These harnesses come in many different designs and are super cute! You can use them anywhere; store, park, walk, et. They also double as a toddler backpack to store a few important and necessary items. The buckles that attach the harness are super easy to clip on and off and the safety strap can be adjusted to your child’s size.

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Take advantage of this cool little backpack with a 3-5 foot harness and allow your little explorer the freedom to move around while you still have control.  No more worries, no more stress.

Noise Protection Headphones

We all know that toddlers are sensitive in every aspect. Even a little loud noise can scare them and cause crying or a meltdown. Any strange noises, new sounds, or loud music, that a child is not used to can cause fear and crying.

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Whether your kid is at a playground, theme park, concert, movie theater, car race, fireworks display, or just taking a flight on vacation, you need something that can properly protect their sensitive ears. There are many solutions out there but providing your child with ear protection is crucial. Noise protection headphones effectively get rid of harmful noises without shutting out normal ambient sounds. There are noise cancelling headphones specifically designed for infants, babies, and toddlers.

The noise protecting headphones are very easy to wear, have a low profile with no protruding parts to catch on things. The wide, foam-filled cushions ensure that the set is comfortable and doesn’t squeeze too much, and there is plenty of space for the ears inside the shells. The headphones have a comfy, soft, high-quality leather-like cover over the headband to ensure all over comfort to your little one. It’s also extremely lightweight making it even more comfortable.

You can even get a fashionable designer headphone set with cool colors so that you can match them to your child’s personality or outfit.

Wireless Tracker Bracelet

At times it gets so difficult to keep track of your adventurous kid. Our kids can lose themselves in their own little imaginative world and then wander about aimlessly. This is why we see them one second, and the next they are nowhere to be found. In a blink of an eye they are in another corner of the house, under a bed, a table or a chair, or under a massive pile of cushions and blankets. Better yet, they are in the back yard and you can’t find them! Relax! There is a solution for keeping tabs on your little runner. Some very frustrated (and super smart) parents designed a wireless tracking bracelet that will keep track of anyone that needs it.

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These bracelets have a GPS and LBS electronic fence which helps you to customize your own safety zone so that when your child exits it, you receive a message with an alert. What’s even more awesome is that you can track your child’s movement and locations for the last 30 days. AMAZING!

There is an add on feature of a SOS emergency call option that you can teach your child to use if ever needed. It is a super easy thing to; hold down one button for three seconds. This bracelet also allows you to listen to your child, their friends and anything else in their environment. Many different colors and designs available for purchase.

Caution Kids At Play – Outdoor Sign

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When you live in a busy neighborhood, or on a busy street, it is imperative that everyone around is aware of children playing. This is a huge safety precaution and anything that we as parents can do to make our neighborhoods safer, we should. The largest threat in such a neighborhood are fast driving cars and distracted drivers.

Choose a bright loud outdoor sign which alerts drivers to the presence of children in the immediate area. These “slow down” signs, with clear fonts, visible colors, and attractive graphics grab drivers’ attention.

Emergency Car Seat Sticker (Ours!)

It is our main responsibility to make sure that our children are safe. Having pertinent information easily and readily available for doctors or emergency services could be a life saving measure. Many countries already have laws in place that require a clear marking of pertinent data that would assist first responders. They put in place a mandatory requirement to place a safety sticker on the back or bottom of all children’s car seats with data that may be necessary during a medical emergency. This is important when the adult is disabled or injured and cannot provide needed information.

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The sticker usually contains basic information such as name, address and contact information of the parents; name, address and contact information of an emergency contact; birth date of the child; child’s medical details such as blood type, allergies, health issues, and height, weight, etc.

Emergency Info Felt Bracelet – When Traveling

The Emergency Info Felt Bracelet is a unique, stylish and useful ID wristband bracelet for children. Whether you are spending the day at the park, swimming pool, amusement park, or a vacation, know that your child will have your contact information if needed in an emergency. Designed for infants to teenagers, these wristbands come with two ID cards so you can make updates as necessary or as information changes.

The front side of the card has identifying information such as child’s name, emergency contact, and telephone number. The back of the card has space to list additional information such as allergies, home address, or other important medical concerns. Each side needs to be filled out with a permanent marker to ensure that the card stays waterproof.

You can stress a bit less while traveling knowing that your contact information is readily available in the event that your child is lost or there is a medical emergency. The velcro band design makes the wristband adjustable to any wrist size and therefore any age. The wristband is available in various designs and colors so that you can choose the perfect fit for your child.

Baby On Board Sign – For Car Window

You have definitely seen the many cars that have a “Baby on Board” sign. The original intent of the sign was to encourage safe driving. Presumably, upon seeing this sign, fellow drivers will exercise additional caution around the car with a baby in it. Another reason for this is that in case of a car accident, everyone around and the first responders will all know that a baby or child is on board.

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Use the sign just to tell everyone who you have on board. We believe that any additional help we can get on the road, we will take.

Bike Tricycle Helmet

We all know how accident prone our kids are. It all starts with crawling and walking, falling and bumping into things. This is why it is super important to start getting into healthy habits early. One of these habits is always wearing a helmet. You little one will want to ride a tricycle, bicycle, roller skates or a skate board. All these require safety equipment, the main one being a helmet. If you always remind them to put it on, it will eventually become a habit and second nature to them; a small task that could literally save your child’s life. And with plenty of comfortable, cute and affordable options to choose from, there’s really no reason not to wear a helmet.

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There are various options for kids helmets when considering performance, quality of construction, and price. Most of them are interchangeable and can be used with many different things. When choosing, ensure that the fit is comfortable, the helmet is lightweight, contains an in-mold construction, has a dial-adjust system, and are soft on your kids head.

Properly Fitting Swimming Life Vest

Water play and swimming are activities loved by all kids. It’s great exercise for the entire family. Water safety is a huge concern though especially with non-swimmers. High quality well fitting life vests are imperative especially before you child is confident in the water by themselves. You will be assured that they are safe and they will be more confident in learning a new skill.

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Life jackets need to be age and weight appropriate and should have a good fit; they should not get in the way of swimming. The straps makes the life jacket adjustable to almost any size so there should not be a fit issue. Choose a life jacket made of woven polyester because it is much softer and feels better on kids’ skin. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Like any other product, life jackets are available in a wide range of colors and designs. Kids will love wearing them even more if they have their favorite color cartoon character on it.

We hope this post helped some of you become safer and less stressed. Please share your safety tips with us in comments below!

Barbara Kent